Monday, March 11, 2013

Viva Las Vegas

In February, we finally took our long awaited trip to Vegas with our dearest Mississippi friends.  Rachel and I met freshman year, and have been close friends ever since.  We even lived together in the summer before our senior year at the condo.

Our families also became good friends and my dad and Rachel's youngest sister, Robin (aka Baby) also share a birthday.  So on Baby's 21st birthday, she and my dad decided they were going to go to Vegas in 2 years for my dad's 70th birthday.  We really never thought it would happen, but alas, after many crazy travel plans and their middle sister Renee's flight being canceled and moved to Saturday, we ALL made it. 

We spent 4 days, laughing, eating and walking around. The highlight was seeing Jersey Boys.  I also won about $100 throughout the weekend. Sunday, RockStar, my parents and I all went to the Grand Canyon.  This has been on my bucket list and I was so happy to experience it.  It also made me aware that I may have fear of heights!
Baby and I at New York New York

Baby, Rach and I at Red Rock Canyons.

Jersey Boys

The whole crew

After our fun Vegas trip, we decided that next trip we are going to the beach!

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  1. awesome! last night my friend was talking about doing vegas for her bachelorette party... so fun!