Thursday, August 18, 2011

We Don't know you...Get out of our Dance Circle

I've mentioned it before, but I am so blessed to be super close with the friends I grew up. This past weekend I ventured to Chicago to see one of my oldest friends get married (and Ryan is great!). I LOVE LOVE LOVE weddings, and this one was a great time.

I just love the story on how they met. Lauren and Ryan met at a bar in college. Someone yelled out "Schaef", which is an abbreviation for both their last names, they turned around and bumped into each other and the rest is history...seriously how cute is that?

Friday night was spent at the Sox Game and then at Twin Door where we ran into another grade school friend. Matt was always very clean cut growing up, so to see him with long hair and unkept is hilarious. I kept calling him Jesus and asking him how it was to walk on water. At one point I even started singing "Shout to the Lord".

Lauren's wedding was so sweet. She's so calm about everything. I asked her what she was dancing to for her first song and she responded "Some country song".
At our school we always had to sit in alphabetical order, which was great because I got to sit next to my two best friends. It was a sad day when Lauren broke up our trio and went to a different hs.

I have so many wonderful memories with these friends. No matter the distance or time, we always just find our way back to each other. It's like no time passed.

Congrats Lauren. I'm so happy for you my dear friend.