Friday, February 15, 2013

Pits & Peaks!


I'm so excited to be back and linking up with Allie & Brin for Pits and Peaks.

- Pit = The low part

- Peak = The high part
-Follow your hosts
- Grab a button
-Look around and find some new friends.
-Coming home from Vegas :-(  
-One of my members from my service organization leaving for a new job
-Chaperoning the sorority date party (more for the lack of sleep that night)

-Winning $100 in Vegas!
-Seeing Jersey Boys (I'm obsessed)
-Going to Jackson tonight for Christopher Robbins 30th birthday crawfish boil!
-Ummm Hello---it's College Baseball opening day! I'm cheering for the Rebs as usual but will keep a close eye on the KU Jayhawks for the Center Fielder who is my cousin. 

I'm happy to be back in the blog swing of things!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Swap

I was so excited to participate in Meg's Valentine's swap.  Since there was an odd number....Nancy sent something to me, while I sent things to Stephanie!  Nancy is awesome.  She is a breast cancer survivor and generally just kicks ass (I'm allowed to swear on my blog...booyah!).  I was so excited to get my package when I got home last night!!  We were able to get to know each other through a few little comments about ourselves.

Nancy sent the greatest little gifts.  I really needed this little pick me up.  Who doesn't love getting something in the mail.

Fuzzy socks, Swedish Fish, lotions, gummy bears.  AND a present for my precious BUSY!!!

Can you tell the Sassy Sister loved her treat? She was so tired from being at the vet that she just fell asleep in the chair with her new toy!

I absolutely LOVE blog swaps and can't wait till I'm blog savvy enough to host one of my own--I'm thinking an animal swap?  Any interest?  Send treats to other bloggers pups

Book swap with Ashlea!


I was so excited to be paired up with Ashlea for the book swap with Kimberly.  I LOVE to read, but lately haven't been reading as much as I want.  It's on my list of 101 in 1001 (to read a book using every letter of the alphabet).  After emailing back and forth, I knew Ashlea and I were going to make great partners.  She has the cutest girls and is planning her wedding now. 

I had originally planned to read the book while I was out on leave, but I'm so glad I saved it for my plane trip to Vegas (more on that later).  I must've looked like an idiot because I boo-hooed through the entire thing.  If you are looking for a good fast read...I highly recommend anything by Kristin Hannah.  I even sent Ashlea a Kristin Hannah book (Firefly Lane).

Love, War, Life, Death!

The beautiful view on the way to Vegas!

Farewell Big Bad Pop Up

My parents and I ventured to the last Big Bad Pop Ups from City Grocery. I'm so sad to see it go and hope they will continue in some sort of fashion in the future!

The great menu!

I started with the was great!

Mom got the Johnny's snack

My Midnight Snack-----it was great!

Dad's catfish that Matty made!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Mingle Monday

Hey Everyone,
Linking up again with Meg for Mingle Monday!  Hello to any new followers that come my way.  

A little recap of me---I'm a twenty-something former Chicago Suburbanite, that came to college in Mississippi and never left!  I work for my beloved Alma Mater (Ole Miss--HOTTY TODDY).  You can find me blogging random events of Mississippi such as football games, basketball games and eating out!  I also am obsessed with my lab puppy Busy. Also, I seem to be on the wedding circuit these days. 

Basically you can say, Illinois raised me, Mississippi made me. 

Mingle 240

Friday, February 1, 2013

Pits & Peaks Links up TGIF


I'm linking up for the fourth week of Pit(s) & Peak(s) with Allie & Brin.
What is this again?  A little a la Kardashian.
Pit- Lowest part of the week
Peak- Highest Part of the week
Link up and meet new people

-sitting at home again on "medical leave"
-The Rebs losing big time on ESPN to Kentucky

-sleeping in everyday (there are a lot of good things about this medical leave)
-Going to Big Bad Pop Ups for week 4
-Working on our Superbowl party fun
-I made some really good Beet Hummus
-I made a lot of Progress on the Race that I'm in charge of.
-Paying off a little of some of my crazy medical bills. I have a good job, good insurance and WHY do I still have crazy med bills?