Friday, July 16, 2010

Oxford Obsessions

So being in Oxford for 6 years, I have many obsessions in this lovely town and it's surrounding areas.

Standards include
  1. Kabuki
  2. La Mundo (as I call it, and yes, I know it's wrong)--featured in Bon Appetite!
  3. The Mustard Seed
  4. Newks

And now I give you some new obsessions

  1. Gant Pottery. With the upcoming demise of our Beloved Colonel Reb, I am on a mad dash to grab anything with our beloved mascot. LOVE me some Gant Pottery. My boss has bought be a few pieces, so when I found out they were making a Col. Reb I HAD to get my hands on one (or 3 like I ordered).
  2. My Michelle's in Oxford. I highly recommend the Mahi-Mahi! Organic, reasonably priced and very convenient.
  3. Private Fitness of Oxford. If you want a great personal trainer, Go to Kate!
  4. Patty Shea. Great facials and it's really the best 90 minutes you will spend.
In other news, these little babies had birthdays this past week (and Jack on Sunday).

Maddy, my little lady born with glitter in her blood turned 5. Check out her b-day present that I helped her mom make. American Girl doll what what

Stay turned for my weekend update including breakfast with sophomore roommate Kate. and hopefully a boating excursion where Kelsey doesn't scream while jumping off the party barge.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Flashback Friday

In the first addition of *FLASHBACK FRIDAY*, I bring you the subject of baseball. Being a Chicago girl, baseball is iconic in life. Here I am visiting the Memphis Redbirds stadium as a "Chapter Retreat".

Living in the South has its many perks, but the lack of professional baseball teams (baseball) has me in a summer slump. Anyone else?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Facebook Frenzy

Sweet First Grade me!

So recently with my impending unemployment looming...I have been getting all these signs for me to return to my roots.

Not that I don't LURVE my hometown. I really do. I have the same best friends since I've been little. We still have the same house that I grew up in. We have a Target and Portillos. But would love to stay in Mississippi a few more years.

Soooo....back to these signs.....3 Facebook Friendship Requests from my grade school teachers. I'm talking same school, 8 years, one class per grade. 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade teachers are all now my facebook friends (and 1 wall post counting). 6th grade and former teacher turned long term substitute are suggested friends. I denied. Hateful I know

Is the Mothership calling me home?

All the pictures contain ONLY people who went to SJS. Because we are elitists like that.

Picture Summaries:I host a Ginger-bread making party every year (since like 5th grade) for all my grade school girl friends (it's more fun now with a little cocktail). The last three have been canceled due to lack of enthusiam. But then everyone complains that we don't see each other enough. The top is from our last one (07?) and the bottom is freshman year of college. Molly is sporting her SJS sweatshirt.

All of these friends went to SEC schools. Troy and Nick to "That School Down South"-State, and Megan to Alabama.
Baby brother Adam is the only one missing and he was a 2 year member of the Rebel Family.
Last Picture is of the SJS wedding of the century. The union of two powerful Flyer Families...

Other random Flyer Facts:
  • Eli the Eagle, school mascot, looks like the Eagle Man from the Insurance Commercials.
  • We had recess through 8th grade, but you couldn't fall or sit down, if caught you were sent to the benches.
  • I can recite one little line from either a Christmas Program Song or Church hymn and it'll turn into a 30 minute sing-along with above pictured friends, esp Anne, Molly and Grace.
  • Dances were held in the music room during school. And we definitely had to "save room for the Holy Spirit"
  • Our parents (and rumored teacher) drank on our 8th grade trip. During which we were shopping and causing havoc on a small town.
  • At above mentioned wedding our principal and 2nd grade teacher were in attendance, a group of us all went to say hi...beers and all...just because we could.
  • If someone in a teacher/staff's family died and the funeral was at our Church, the entire school went to the mass. Talk about a heavy day for a 7 year old.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Go's yo birthday...

Facebook (oh how I love thee...let me count the ways), kindly reminded me about two important birthdays today of two important (Lauren)friends in my life.

The first is Lauren. Seriously, I have never met someone so giving to others. I met Lauren as a senior in hs when visiting Ole Miss. I stayed at the AOII house and she along with a few others were given the task to entertain me and convince me to go to Ole Miss. Pictured above at R.Bert's 2005 campaign results (she won). I can always count on Lauren for encouragement and a great laugh when I need it (via skype). I also love going to the Target $1 bin to buy stuff for all her little TZ babies. Seriously how cool is she?

The second Lauren is also known as Griff. Lauren is my favorite
red-headed friend from high school (pictured at an Ole Miss game with fellow PCHS alum Ame). Although she is now in Denver (jealous), we keep in touch via fb, twitter, text, you know the usual. Whenever I drove home to the 'wood (S to the H), a stop was always made in STL to see Griff who went to SLU. One of my top 10 college memories involves Griff and Ame's visit to Ole Miss, where we stayed wayyyy to late at Sig Ep and ended up walking home to AOII house at 4 am and Ame admiring our Great Quad. Lauren, although you deleted your blog, I give you a shout out today. And come August and I don't have a job, you are my first visit I will make!

Ode to our precious pups.

So my name is Sarah and I LOVE my dog. I said it. He has human qualities.

First of all, have you ever seen a sweeter baby than this one? I have had many MANY dogs in my life (R.P., Hershey, Angel and the NOTORIOUS Cuddles who has out lived Hershey and Angel). But none compa
re to the precious Cole! AKA Coley B., the little bear, sweet love and countless other nicknames this dog child has.

The first pic is about 2 years ago...did I mention Cole is cross-eyed (magical trait). The second is Cole's first time on the boat. Bonnie put the hat on and I added a life vest, because this Lab is no swimmer. See he's smiling.

On a crazier note: my GBS (that' Grand Big Sis in Greek Lingo), R.Bert
and I share a crazy similarity. We both had Bichon's name Cuddles.
My Cuddles is:
A. Not Cuddley
B. 17 years old
C. Smells like farts.
If I could figure out how to post a pic of the senile treasure that is a constant odor I would. He's just waiting on the day that the Lord calls him home. Because in the end, ALL Dogs Go to Heaven.

Also, if you would like to help me on blog editing 101, I would love your help.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Me in Mississippi

Here is my first post. I'm trying to commit to something as I begin a new chapter in my life. For the first time---I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I AM GOING TO DO NEXT YEAR! As many may know, my grant isn't being renewed. Although I am sad that this little part of my life is over. I'm ready for bigger and better (errrrrr...hopefully) things!!

On a side note....4th of July was this weekend. It was my FIRST in Mississippi and 2nd in the South (of my 6 years below the MD line). Last year was spent running from the cops and piling my cousin's HS baseball team into the mini and speeding off (glad the parents trusted me as the accomplice). But one of my best friends from college/former roommate and family came into town to spend time with us. You know how you meet people that you just instantly fall in love with? Friends/Family at first sight! We love the Ruello's and their precious friendship to our family!! Plus whenever they come into town there is TONS of food, drinking and staying up WAY too late from laughing.

Spent Saturday on the boat with some of my friends in Oxford! Kelsey Jo wasn't as scared to jump in this time! That's Kelsey pictured above in her life vest (Rebel colors of course).

Useless Fact: Kelsey started babysitting for a family I babysat all through college...they heard a "Kelsey" was going to babysit for them and immediately thought it was Kelsey from High School Musical. I wish I would've seen their reaction when they saw her.

Useless Fact #2: When we got to the boat the battery didn't work. So we stole one from the boat next to us. NBD.

Saturday Night was spent at the Wellsgate Tailgate...parade and all. They had a little fireworks display (with 2 surprise attacks of fireworks from opposite and of the neighborhood). We were that group that wasn't very wholesome. Yelling, drinking and ICE-ING! Yes, I am an ICER.
(bros icing bros---or hoes icing hoes, whatevs). Well Rachel and I tried to Ice people all night, both her sisters (one LOVES the Ice).

Sunday was spent on the boat again. Battery dead again. Robbery committed again. Jumping into the lake a lot and dodging beers thrown into Sardis by Dennis F. Siebert (college athlete my ass). Followed by a face plant by Rach.

Overall good weekend. Hopefully my posts will be better in the future.

P.S. How do you add more than one picture?!! Seriously, am I that out of the loop. Should've never canceled my livejournal account.