Sunday, March 10, 2013

Keeping Austin Weird

When I heard my friend Angela was having her Bachelorette Party in Austin, I jumped at the chance to visit a city I had never been.  I have always wanted to visit.  Even better, it was a chance to see my friend Jimmy from HS and his lovely wife, Clare.  Also, I got to introduce them to my cousin Taylor and hang out with him as well.

Angela and I out on the first night!
I got in late Friday Night and met everyone out as they were finishing dinner.  We ended up at a fun little bar (that had like pacman games around for people to enjoy).  I kept begging for someone to get food truck food with me after we left the bars, but no one would :-(

The fried chicken eggs benedict
Saturday, we were treated to a beautiful spa day at VIVA Day Spa.  It was wonderful and next time I'm in Austin, I want to take full advantage of getting a massage (I got a pedicure instead).  Before, we had an awesome lunch at Haddington's.  I highly recommend if you are ever in town.  The Terrytown cocktail is awesome, and the cheese plate was worth it x two (as seen when we got another one).
Cheers to Angela and a relaxing day!

I was then able to sneak away and have a beer with my cousin and catch up on life with him. Normally when we are together, it's always for a big event (sporting event, family wedding etc), so rarely do I ever just get to sit down and enjoy the visit.  Being with "my people" has been so wonderful lately. I'm so proud of him and his fun (yet eventful life) in Austin.

Loving on the Good JuJu Panda.
That night, we also found the "Good JuJu Panda" who wanders Austin giving good luck.  Being an AOII, the panda is our mascot and Angela and I took about 10000 pictures with GJP.  Unfortunately, later that night someone ripped GJP's head off and he was destroyed. We were really upset about this, but glad we got to have some Good JuJu before his demise.

Brunch with my Cousin
Jimmy & Clare
Pippa the pup!
Since I took a night flight out, I was able to sneak brunch with my friends and cousin.  This place was seriously amazing.  Bouldin Creek Cafe.  It's vegetarian, but I promise, anyone can find something they'll like here!  After I said goodbye to everyone, I wandered up South Congress, bought some Kendra Scott earrings and just enjoyed the local life.  I could seriously see myself moving to Austin, and I'm already planning a trip back, including when Jessica goes for a conference in May!

It's always scary to go to a Bachelorette with a group that you don't really know.  These girls are awesome and i can't wait to see them in less than a month!

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